1233 - Let's play a game

Time Limit: 1s Memory Limit: 128MB

Submissions: 411 Solved: 101
Jim and Anna are good friends. One day, Jim called Anna to play a game. There are two piles of stones. They move stones in turn and Jim take the first turn. At each step, one must remove two stones from one of the piles(If there is only one stone in the pile, he/she can only remove one stone) and freely move stones from this operated pile(can move none stones but can not move all the stones in this pile) to another pile if he can. The last person who can finish his step is the winner. Jim and Anna plays this game very happy. But the people who have learned Game Theory knows that in this kind of impartial game, one of the player have optimalizing strategy, he/she can be the final winner no matter the other one how to play the game.
The input contains several cases. Each case has two positive integers A and B in one line. A and B are the numbers of stones in the two piles. (1 <= A < 100000, 1 <= B < 100000).
You just need to output the winner("Jim/Anna") for each case.
Sample Input
1 2
4 5
7 10
Sample Output
Yang Guang