HUST 2016招新选拔

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J - The Thirteenth

Time Limit: 1s Memory Limit: 512MB

Submissions: 53 Solved: 19

We want to know the number of times that the thirteenth of each month falls on Sunday, Monday …… in a period of N years. The time range is from Jan 1, 1900 to Dec 31, 1900+N-1. 

N is a positive integer and no large than 400.

Also, we know that January 1, 1900 was on a Monday.


One line with the integer N.


Seven space separated integers on one line, which represent the number of times the 13th lands on Saturday, Sunday, ……. respectively.

NOTICE: There is a space at the end of first line. And you should output a new line.

Sample Input
Sample Output
36 33 34 33 35 35 34